Marija Pavlović

My professional drive stems from a profound sense of curiosity and interest in innovation - I believe that a great technique with a lot of inspiration thrown into the mix is definitely the best approach. Sometimes it’s about creating something totally new & vanguard while on other occasions it’s more about improving something that’s already known but elevating it just the right bit further. Utilizing everyday items and systems, but shaking them up a little, trying to enhance them. What I like to focus on most is the play of light plays on healthy and dewy skin. The right illumination is everything, but it needs a great canvas.

I was born in Belgrade into a family of literature professors. After my literature studies at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade I chose to pursue a career working as a make-up & visual artist since the late nineties. My profession has taken me around the globe and back - I’ve been invested in a variety of projects be it fashion editorials, theater make-up as well as stints in publicity, photography and other art related projects. Alongside these passions I have been following a strong passion for illustration until this very day. I merged this with my love for aesthetics - publishing illustrations along with tutorials on beauty and make-up for various publications. I’m fluent in English, Portuguese and Serbian & have been in calling Lisbon my home since 2000 where I have been living and working ever since.